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Posted 3 years ago

Boston Book Party and SWAP!


WhatIWore: Hey Boston! I’m headed your way on July 30th! Please join me for a book signing and a MAJOR clothing swap hosted by my friends at and Vitamin Water.  Get your tickets for the swap here and use WHATIWORE for 25% off! 

Attentnion Boston area readers (i.e., Tristyn)!

Posted 3 years ago

What I Wore: What I Wore Book Giveaway!


WhatIWore: With just two weeks until the What I Wore book hits shelves, I’m reaching out to you to help me spread the word.

I’ll be giving away 10 signed copies of What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style plus a personalized illustration (of…

I have read this blog religiously for two years. I’m such a fan of Jessica’s style and DIY skills. Needless to say, I want to win a copy of this book.

Posted 4 years ago

Supa Sale


WhatIWore: Gotta love a sale, right? Just got an e-mail from ModCloth with their 50-80% off notice.  Loving this windbreaker, tank, and bloomin’ necklace.

UPDATE: Yes!! Just bought the tank. Will look so cool on a winter beach vacation!

thank you to jessica of WIW for the heads up on this sale. although modcloth literally had dozens of items that i wanted to buy (so badly), i am on a budget. therefore, i held back and treated myself to just one item: the frassy dress (marked down from $49.99 to $19.99!).

Posted 5 years ago


Doing Halloween Costume Ideas all week on WIW. What are you going as this year?

for those of you that don’t read what i wore, it’s a wonderful blog that is written by a wonderful lady. granted, i’ve never met her, but i love her sense of style and what seem to be effortless outfits. the thing is, she puts so much thought into these outfits and makes them look effortless, which makes me love her blog even more. 

this week, she’s posting 5 halloween costume ideas, all self-made and all from items in her own closet! being that i’m starting to freak out. and no offense to people i’ve met here in florida or the friends that i’ve made, but talk about pop culture blindspots. i’d say maybe ONE or TWO of my friends are actually semi up to speed on their pop culture, but mostly due to family guy and south park episodes. but no where near my obsession (or those of my nyc friends…then again, it was our job).

so with that said, still not sure what to be for halloween, but i’m hoping to feel inspired.

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