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Posted 3 years ago
I can’t imagine living in seclusion… The beautiful thing about New York is, you have to expose yourself to other people the minute you step outside the door. There is no choice. And I love that.
Sarah Jessica Parker in the August Issue of Vogue (via vogue)
Posted 3 years ago
I know so many women whose full-time job is fixing what’s wrong with them: their diet, flexibility, body-fat percentage, hair, skin, the color of their teeth, the lift of their breasts, noses, and rear ends. It’s an endless cycle that prompts the question: If this is your life, what are you getting ready for?
Roberta Myers, editor of Elle Magazine (via sarahjill)
Posted 3 years ago
By blessing this negotiating tactic, the decision may endanger one of the most popular and successful sports leagues in history.
That’s from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s column in the Wall Street Journal reacting to Judge Susan Nelson’s decision to end the NFL lockout. And it’s always cute to see a commissioner publicly expose himself as a stooge to his owners and fail to persuade you that the actual END of a work stoppage (which was imposed by his bosses) is somehow more endangering to a sport than the stoppage itself.


[WSJ] (via the20s)
Posted 3 years ago
It is absolutely mind-boggling that a terminal built after 9/11 would have a flaw like this that would prevent communication between police officers.

That’s what a Port Authority Police Department supervisor told the New York Post this weekend after it was revealed that police radios do not have service inside Jet Blue’s new terminal at JFK.  The $743 million terminal is a “dead zone” for radios, and would cost an estimated $3 million to fix.  And I hope you all feel safe on your next flight to Ft. Lauderdale.


[NYPost, NBCNewYork]

(via the20newyork)

As someone who frequents the FLL—>NYC route on JetBlue, I do not like this.

Posted 3 years ago
I just really like you. I’ve never met anyone like you. Every time my cell phone rings I hope it’s you calling. Sometimes I won’t even answer because i know you’ll leave a message and I can listen to it over and over just to hear your voice. And every time I check my e-mail i hope that there is one from you. And every time we talk on the phone I get a little bit nervous because you are on the other end. And at the same time, i feel so comfortable talking to you because I can just be myself. And I want to call you every day even if it is only to talk about nothing just so I can maybe hear you laugh…

Letter written to me in 2005. 

I want this again.

Posted 3 years ago
Quite honestly, we prefer a first-round knockout, but that didn’t happen. We got knocked down a few times today. We were bloodied and all that, but we won it in the championship rounds. That speaks volumes of your football team. Obviously we feel fortunate we got the win, but we don’t care.

Rex Ryan (via sportsnetny)

They did not deserve this win; the Jets are the worst 6-2 team in NFL history.

(via rubenfeld)

I wholeheartedly agree. And I can’t stand Rex Ryan.

Posted 4 years ago
…what defines a New Yorker is the edge that one develops from having actually lived here. Once you have it, it doesn’t go away and everywhere else in the world feels like it is in slow motion.

Donald Trump Jr.

[via NYMag heylaney]


(Source: omgskr)

Posted 4 years ago
I’m taking the recent rash of NYC-related postings to be a sign that you’ve made your reverse-Lebron “Decision”. Make it so.
an e-mail from my friend eric. what’s funny is that i didn’t even realize i was filling my blog up with all things nyc until i clicked and looked at my posts. sheesh. subconscious much?
Posted 4 years ago
Note to journalism students. When we celebrate investigative reporting, it’s for issues like war crimes, nursing home scandals or police corruption. It’s not to report that LeBron James has opened a Twitter account.
Posted 4 years ago
you have a really good rest of the day!
adorable & optimistic child (about 6 or 7) to me, on my walk back from the beach with my dog yesterday. it made me smile.
Posted 4 years ago
What came first, the music or the misery? People worry about kids playing with guns, or watching violent videos, that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands, literally thousands of songs about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss. Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?
rob gordon (john cusack), high fidelity
Posted 4 years ago
One of my favorites is called ‘Liberty Walk.’ I wrote it for women that feel like they’re stuck in abusive relationships. But it’s a dance song.
Miley Cyrus (h/t Eric)
Posted 4 years ago

Everything Tracy Jordan said in season 4 of '30 Rock'

some hilarious choice sentences:

Excuse me, do you have change for a $10,000 bill?
Liz Lemon, you booger face. I’m going to kill you with a bazooka.
Paranoia! Where? 

Posted 4 years ago
it’s crucial to me that anyone seeing this take—[if] they take anything away from this, it’s i’m fine. i’m doing great. i hope people still find me comedically absurd and ridiculous. and i don’t regret anything.
conan o’brien on ‘60 minutes’
Posted 4 years ago
We shop in their stores, we clean their yards, but they want us out and the police will be on us.
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